Bethlehem Softball League

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Our Mission

THE BETHLEHEM SOFTBALL LEAGUE exists to provide young people in our community with the opportunity to engage in a healthy, supervised activity; to aid in the development of athletic skills; to promote a spirit of cooperation and team play; and to help all participants achieve feelings of success and satisfaction.

Through the fun and challenge of softball competition, each player shall be encouraged to show respect for self and for others — an attitude which underlies success in all endeavors, at all stages of life.

Bethlehem Softball League By-Laws

A Message from the Board of Directors

The Board welcomes you and your daughters to the Bethlehem Softball League. We look forward to the upcoming season. Your understanding of the goals and expectations of our league will, hopefully, insure that all those who offer their time and talents enjoy a rewarding experience.

All participants in the league are provided with an opportunity to learn how to play the game of softball, develop their skills and have fun. To meet this standard, managers, coaches, team parents and spectators must support the environment that we strive to attain. In that regard, we encourage you to cheer for your teams in a positive manner, respect the umpires, and treat players on opposing teams with courtesy and in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

As adults, we must maintain the proper perspective – softball is only a game. Our league provides the means by which we can teach our daughters how to play softball, work cooperatively toward a common goal, and interact with each other in a respectful and supportive way. It is important to instruct the girls that they can achieve this through practice, dedication and desire. However, we should communicate that progress can be measured by successful application of the process, rather than by merely evaluating a team's wins and losses.

We will work with you to provide our daughters with the challenge and joy of playing the game of softball. Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation and participation in that endeavor.